Why choose G.I.S.

Gumshoe Investigative Services has some of the best combined training and experience in the Brazos Valley. We employ the latest technology and tactics to get the job done. We also offer a level of customer service that is above most considering that we can be reached 24/7. We can meet in most cases within 24 hours of being contacted. There is a reason that international nations have contacted us for our services.

We are based in Bryan, College Station Texas but we service the entire state in most cases.

When hiring a Private Investigator or Detective the first thing you should do is ask to see their licenses. Each Agency is required to have a Manager that holds a manager license as well as having a current license from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Detective has to hold a Private Investigator license. These are the number one thing to check for. There are a lot of people who may not be licensed, or carrying an expired license. The last thing you want is for your case to be thrown out because the investigator was not operating within the constraints of the law. You can research any agency for their license Status at the TxDPS - Private Security Bureau.

Manager/Investigator Mary Ringo

Mary Ringo has spent over 20 years in Law Enforcement and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Working for two separate police entities and one court, she learned how the system works in concert between police and the court system. As a records clerk at Bryan PD and then property clerk, she learned the law in case searches, property seizure, release, and destruction. Ms. Ringo learned what information CA and DA’s and other attorneys used when preparing a case. Upon leaving BPD after 8 years, 1990-1998, she went to College Station Municipal Court, 1998-1999. At Municipal Court, her responsibilities were for warrants and verifying information to either ask the judge to reactivate a warrant. This meant research on the violator, locating and verify his commitment to either pay or not. She was responsible for payroll for employees, as well as the monthly accounting report. From there Ms. Ringo went to College Station Police Department where she was Administration Staff Secretary to the chiefs from 1999-2012. Her duties were transcription of audio/video tapes for the Internal Investigation Division, transcribe audio for Criminal Investigation Division crimes, with cases involving murder to theft to vandalism. Ms. Ringo was responsible for staffs training schedule, off site, making reservations, paying for the course, reconcile accounting procedures/credit cards upon returning from training. This training was recorded and in line with policies and procedures with accreditation procedures. A new database was developed for this information as well as the older paper copies kept for backup. Other duties included payroll data entry, for over 150 employees, billing alarms and funeral escorts. Training records entered in a database along with costs and certifications this coincided with the monthly training accounting report which included meeting the requirements of BVCOG who helped payment for the training for officers. Account payment for property needed for the police department, including but not limited to uniforms, gun gear, and ammunition. Certifications include but not limited to:

National Defensive Driving course WorldWide Who’s Who

Judicial Solution Provider (JEMS training) Texas Municipal courts Education Center

IAAP (International Association of Admin. Prof.) Microsoft Office

TCIC/NCIC Policy and Procedures NAPW (National Assoc. Professional Women)

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